Halal Assurance System

A Halal Assurance System (HAS) is based on the principles of HACCP. Particular emphasis is given on the supply process (especially the origin of all raw, secondary and auxiliary materials), the hygiene process and the traceability process.

A Halal Management System can be easily integrated into all international food safety management systems (ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, FSSC 22000 etc.) enabling companies to parallelly certify their products as Halal in a simple and low expenses way.

The basic points of developing an acceptable Halal Management System are:

  • Developing an approved Halal Policy
  • Developing a dedicated Halal Management Team
  • Developing a solid analysis of Halal Critical Points* of the production process and integrating them in the HACCP analysis
  • Halal training on key Halal issues of personnel involved in critical Halal processes (e.g. raw and auxiliary material supply, cleaning & disinfection, production, storage, transportation, distribution)
  • Inclusion of Halal procurement (Halal Certificates (**), Halal Declaration of Conformity, Initial – Interim – End – stock Analysis where required)
  • Integrating a solid traceability and labeling process
  • Integrating the Halal Assurance System in the internal audit program
  • Integrating Halal requirements in the non-conforming production process
  • Integrating Halal requirements in the withdrawal / recall procedure
  • Integrating Halal requirements in the product design / modification process
  • Applying correct HQC Logo labeling process


(*) Halal critical points differ from critical food safety points in a classic HACCP study by the fact that there are no critical limits, i.e. a product is either Halal or Halal

(**) Halal certificates must derive from accredited Halal Certification Bodies approved for the target countries

HQC offers its clients all appropriate technical support for the development of an acceptable Halal Assurance System through its “Certified HQC Country Service Providers”. Our Country Service Providers will guide you in your native language step by step, not only during but also after the audit process so that you will benefit the outmost of HQC’s Halal certificates.

You can request today technical support for setting up your Halal Assurance System by emailing us at info@halal-greece.gr