Halal Certification Steps

HQC provides accredited Halal certification services.

In general, the certification process of a Halal Assurance System follows the sequent steps:

  1. Initial application: The applicant completes the online initial request form (https://halal-greece.gr/ekdilosi-endiaferontos/)
  1. Application review: the initial request form is assessed from HQC’s Halal Request and Auditing department
  2. Halal Certification Offer: If the initial request form is acceptable then the applicant receives an official financial offer
  3. Registration: the applicant registers through http://www.halaloffice.com/hqc/?do=register
  4. Final application: The Applicant submits its final application through http://www.halaloffice.com/en/register
  5. Contractual Arrangements: The Applicant receives a Service Agreement and a Confidentiality Agreement for signing
  6. Audit Planning: The Applicant receives an Audit Plan (Stage 1) from the Lead Auditor, followed by Audit Plan (Stage 2)
  7. Documentation Screening (Stage 1): The Applicant’s documentation is assessed in accordance with the applicable Halal Standards in order to conclude if objectives can be met for certification
  8. On-Site Assessment* (Stage 2): The audit team assesses on-site the Applicant’s production facility and evaluates the implementation and effectiveness of the applicant’s Halal Assurance System.
  9. Audit Reporting and Reviewing: The lead auditor submits the audit report and all appropriate documentation to be reviewed by HQC’s Halal Auditing department
  10. Decision Making: The decision-making committee reviews and assesses all documentation. A decision on the outcome and results of the audit is made which may result in granting, renewing, refusing, expanding, reducing, suspending or withdrawing the certification scope.
  11. Halal Certification: The Applicant receives a notification that the Halal Certificate can be issued. The certificate validity can vary from one to three years depending on the Halal standard and the contract agreement.

* the onsite audit shall take place during the production of products to be included in the Halal certificate in all facilities – might also include auditing of subcontracting facilities