Halal Support

One of the innovative services offered by HQC to its extensive network of clients and partners is “Halal Technical Support” through its HQC Certified Country Service Providers.

As HQC, we offer in all countries where are actively engaged Halal guidance and technical solutions to companies through our highly trained Certified Country Service Providers. We have come into strategic partnerships with renowned companies in the food systems management area in order to ensure the sound management of our Halal management audit process.

HQC Certified Country Service Providers are highly skilled professionals which are continuously trained from HQC food industry auditors and executives in order to provide niche services and achieve excellent results in the development and auditing of Halal Assurance Systems.

HQC Certified Country Service Providers will guide you in your language on a step by step basis in all audit stages so that you can easily and safely achieve the best results and take full advantage of the multiple benefits of HQC Halal certification.

For more information on Halal Technical Support please contact us directly at info@halal-greece.gr