Halal Training

HQC has been providing Halal training for more than 30 years to both customers and the general public through general and specialized training programs and seminars by renowned trainers and inspectors around the world.

The Halal training of an organization (*) is the most important point in the implementation of an acceptable HAS (Halal Assurance System) and our customers are well aware of it through the ongoing training they are receiving from HQC both within and outside the scheduled audits.

HQC through its experienced and trained auditors and certified partners is able to provide targeted and fully professional Halal training both at industrial and management level (Halal Management System)

HQC Halal seminars aim at companies that are certified or want to be certified according to Halal certification standards, food business executives, food safety managers, food safety consultants and the general public.

You can request today a training seminar for your organization by emailing us at greece@halaloffice.com

(*) due to the requirements of specific certification standards or due to specific products and production processes for certification (f.ex. in the case of slaughterhouses), a specialized training prior to HQC audit shall be carried out – please contact us to inform you accordingly