Worldwide Cooperation

HQC has developed over the past 35 years significant strategic cooperations in the Halal product certification worldwide in order to actively support its extensive customer network and deliver high-end services.

Our executives long experience as well as the long-standing relationships with the most famous international organizations in the field of Halal product and service promoting and marketing (f.ex. DagangHalal, FoodINT) strengthens HQC’s profile.

Moreover, HQC has gained strong partnerships with the largest Islamic Institutes (f.ex. the Islamic Culture Center) and universities (f.ex. Islamic University of Europe, Wageningen University) around the world to continuously integrate in its control processes the sum of Halal requirements.

Our certificates are considered as s “reference point” in the global Halal market, serving as an “export passport” enabling our customers to reliably trade their products in more than 53 countries around the world.

Certification with HQC provides multiple benefits and advantages with the most important of all being the unrestricted access of HQC certified products to all Muslim countries and communities and their inclusion in the global Halal product list.

HQC understands the complexity and diversity of the global Halal market and continually invests in strong strategic partnerships in order for our customers to be able to achieve their desired goal.